Corporate Events


Corporate Events

Our Corporate events are experiences that combine camaraderie and culinary education — with great food as your reward.  

Here’s what to expect: Upon arrival to one of our three locations you’ll have a few moments to get into the spirit of things. Have a beverage, and an appetizer or three. The chef will welcome your guests, discuss the menu. Depending on the style of the event you select, let you sit back, relax and watch the show.  Or, start cooking together to prepare courses off the menu. 

Virtual Culinary Events

Social distancing, virtual meetings, web happy hours - the more time we spend disconnected, the more time we spend thinking about being connected.  It's time for the Cooks' culinary approach to the virtual gathering.  Learn something new, do some cooking in your kitchen and enjoy each other's virtual company.  

Setting up your culinary experience is simple. First, select a date, time and location of your choice. Then choose your menu and any other additions you’d like to have prepared. Our teams will follow up on logistics. After that, you’re set.