Birthdays + Milestones


In Our Kitchens

We don’t know what it is, but when people start hanging out in a kitchen, relaxation, interaction and enjoyment come naturally. It doesn’t hurt that Cooks of Crocus Hill boasts the most beautiful cooking school kitchens around, complete with inviting dining spaces. Not to mention our in-house and virtual events are led by chefs whose entertaining personalities are exceeded only by their tremendous culinary talents. Top that with unrivaled menus filled with irresistibly delicious dishes, and you get an experience as uniquely delicious as it is memorable.


Virtual Culinary Events

Social distancing, virtual meetings, web happy hours - the more time we spend disconnected, the more time we spend thinking about being connected.  It's time for the Cooks' culinary approach to the virtual gathering.  Learn something new, do some cooking in your kitchen and enjoy each other's virtual company.  


Setting up your culinary experience is simple. First, select a date, time and location of your choice. Then choose your menu and any other additions you’d like to have prepared. Our teams will follow up on logistics. After that, you’re set.