Crop Shares

From farm to forest unique fresh ingredients

  • Great Ciao

    Capriole Tea Rose Cheese - February

    This beautiful, bright and delicate, fresh goat's milk cheese is covered with fragrant Herbes de Provence, a touch of fennel pollen, and aromatic flower petals. Creating a taste of new beginnings with every bite. Perfect for a cheese board, on toast with... [read more]

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  • Kate Weiser Chocolate

    Cracker Jack Heart Candy Bar - February

    The Cracker Jack Heart Candy Bar is a Valentine's Day must from our friend Kate Weiser in Dallas. Kate's chocolates are a work of art made of the best ingredients and are hand painted works of art. This heart shaped candy bar is filled with salted... [read more]

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  • Peterson Craftsman Meats

    Chateaubriand - February

    Chateaubriand is considered to be the most decadent, tender beef roast available. This roast-size filet is designed to impress the best, with mild, delicate beef flavor and incredible tenderness. Perfect for special occasions and holidays, like ..... [read more]

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  • Pasta Kit - February

    Our Pasta Kit, from local distributor and food sourcer, Great Ciao is nothing but Amore! Consists of delicious hand made pasta from Mancini, Bianco DiNapoli Organic Red Sauce from California and … wait for it … “The King of... [read more]

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  • Great Ciao

    Norwegian Butter Pack - February

    Norwegian Butter. Jeg visste det! Our latest Crop Share addition is creamy, sweet, delicious and just in time to order for holiday cooking and baking or just eating (as Karl prefers — on a cracker with a little extra crunchy sea salt). A high... [read more]

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