How to Cook: Grilling - May 28, 2021




It’s the time to learn the ins and outs of your kitchen. We want to help you feel comfortable and confident. Chef Matt is ready to teach you everything you need to know to master any culinary challenge of 2021!

Menu: Guava BBQ Pork Chops; Veggie Kabobs.

VIRTUAL CLASS EXPECTATIONS: One week prior to the class date, Cooks will email you the virtual class login information, recipes, equipment list and ingredient list for shopping. On the day of the class, have your ingredients, equipment and recipes at the ready. Set up your digital device in a place that is both convenient for class viewing and cooking. Then, put your apron on and log in to start learning and cooking!

If you do not see your email from in your inbox one week prior to the class date, please search 'Upcoming Virtual Class' in your email search bar in case it was directed to a different folder.

Matt Hunter
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Friday, May 28th, Noon- 1:30 PM