An opening section of the book gives guidelines for purchasing, storing, and preparing your whole chicken or chicken parts. Next up are weekday meals, followed by chapter “for the weekend” and concluding with dinners & celebrations. The more than 100 brand-new recipes include mouthwatering takes chicken salad: Chicken Waldorf salad with crispy shallots; Chargrilled chicken, fennel & feta salad; glazed orange and mustard chicken with chard & spinach salad; and Quinoa Chicken and asparagus salad. Then there’s the Chicken spring rolls with hoisin sauce; chicken fajitas & homemade smoked paprika wraps; Mango & coriander coronation chicken pitta pockets. And even though he’s British, he doesn’t leave out soul food favorites like Southern Fried Chicken and Chili Corn or the New Orleans classic: Chicken, chorizo & tiger prawn paella.

By Marcus Bean